June 1, 2020: Building a world where Black lives truly matter. Fund communities, not police.

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In Chicago, Police Violence Survivors Heal Through Song

The Freedom Songbook workshop was designed to provide a creative safe space for survivors, and prevent isolation and other PTSD-related issues permeating Black communities.

Decades after alleged torture by police: Years more wait to have cases resolved

Decades after evidence first emerged that Chicago police detectives were repeatedly winning confessions through coercion and torture, the Cook County criminal justice system struggles to respond to the complaints of hundreds of defendants that they were coerced years ago into falsely confessing.

Editorial: Why did Chicago pay lawyers $213 million to defend police misconduct cases?

It’s City Hall’s job to protect the interests of taxpayers when Chicago is hit with lawsuits. But far too many times, the city finds itself mounting defenses for police officers accused of behaving badly. The cases can last years, as the legal bills pile up.

Chicago Torture Justice Center partners with Old Town School of Folk Music, fosters community through freedom songs

“State violence- we know that one of the ways that that impacts us is by creating division and disconnection in the community,” said co-executive director Cindy Eigler. “These kinds of programs that we’re doing, including the freedom songbook, is a chance for people to really build their connection, build community, build joy and resilience.”

Never Can You Compensate Nobody for Their Life

The path to reparations and remembrance for Chicago’s police torture survivors.



The Chicago Torture Justice Center seeks to address the traumas of police violence and institutionalized racism through access to healing and wellness services, trauma-informed resources, and community connection. The Center is a part of and supports a movement to end all forms of police violence.

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