We know how our unrest, our pain, our violability are deeply political. At CTJC we’ve begun to claim this as politicized grief. As Harsha Walia has said, “In a time when so many lives are considered ungrievable (as coined by Judith Butler), grieving is a politically necessary act.”

CTJC’s Politicized Grief series offers communal practices for healing and justice. Building on the innovative Politicized Healing model at CTJC, we claim our grieving as politicized, just as our healing is politicized.

Boxing as Healing

Boxing reminds us of the healing and the power that is always available to us, right here right now. Check out our Boxing as Healing video, a facilitated guide to boxing 101 featuring our very own Gregory Banks, with prompts for healing reflection. Below the video, you’ll find a link to a worksheet with exercises to support you as you practice boxing as a tool for dealing with grief, unrest, rage, and loss.

Practice at your own pace and as often as you need. Listen to your body as you go.

Upcoming installments in the series will include:

Freedom Songbook: Say It With Yo Chest 

Garden Altars: We Come From Somewhere

Fire Rituals: Calling In Darkness and Newness, Endings and Beginnings

Questions or suggestions? Reach out to AB at annabeth@chicagotorturejustice.org.



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