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  • Trauma-Informed Practices During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

  • Managing Anxiety and Stress During the Corona Virus Pandemic

  • Wellness on the Inside Tips and Activities to Take Care of Yourself

  • Illustrated Guide on Coping with Police Violence

Trauma Informed Practices During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Increased levels of anxiety, fear, isolation, depression, hopelessness, anger, etc are all a part of what are what some may be experiencing in light of all that is going on around us in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. We created this short workbook to help those of us practicing social distancing and self-quarantining, trauma-informed daily, weekly and momentary practices that enable wellness during what can be a stressful time for many.

Managing Anxiety & Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a moment when people’s anxiety can be greatly increased—and that makes sense given all that is coming at us and happening around us. We know that our health, including our mental health, is inherently political. We offer these resources as part of the Center’s Politicized Healing framework that understands we get to transformative justice when we heal from and dismantle systems of harm while creating new systems of care. If you are experiencing anxiety, this short workbook provides some tools that you may find helpful.

Wellness on the Inside: Tips and Activities to Take Care of Yourself

This zine offers emotional, mental, and physical wellness tools for people who are currently incarcerated.


Illustrated Guide on Coping with Police Violence

An encounter with the police can make us freeze up or “leave” our bodies in the moment. Repeated over time, experiences of aggression or harm at the hands of police can seem to pile up and keep us from feeling and acting like ourselves. This guide exists to help you stay connected to yourself, your streets and your support system so you can communicate what you need in these situations.




The Chicago Torture Justice Center seeks to address the traumas of police violence and institutionalized racism through access to healing and wellness services, trauma-informed resources, and community connection. The Center is a part of and supports a movement to end all forms of police violence.

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