Spiritual Care as Politicized Healing

At CTJC we practice spiritual care in a framework of politicized healing, because we know that spirituality is entwined in our individual and collective struggles for liberation. Spiritual care, in a nutshell, is about caring for the human spirit. All people have spiritual needs. Some people have religious needs. A spiritual care advisor can help you and your loved ones address both spiritual and religious needs. 

A spiritual advisor is someone who accompanies people in the midst of significant life events, especially during times of trauma, illness, death and/or loss. A spiritual advisor co-creates a container for questions, hurts and healing, while honoring each care-seeker’s worldview, belief system and relationships. 

Annabeth (AB) Roeschley (pictured) is part of the Master of Divinity program at Chicago Theological Seminary and will serve as CTJC’s Spiritual Advisor from July through December 2020.

As a spiritual advisor at CTJC, AB can:

* offer spiritual support in times of crisis, and more broadly, be a companion on your spiritual/faith journey
* offer prayer, blessing, and/or meditation
* support you in unpacking and tending to grief and loss, as part of politicized healing
* guide you in rituals of remembrance, loss and letting go, honoring ancestors, and celebration
* help you pay attention to what is holy and sacred in everyday life
* help you grow and deepen spiritual resiliency: what is my source? what fuels me?
* help you vision new spiritual and theological paths in healing from religious trauma
* connect you with spiritual resources in the broader community (for some this includes religious community/tradition, for others it does not)
* hold space for big questions, such as:  what is the meaning of my life? how do I make sense of death and suffering? how do I feel about change in my life? how can I adapt to and shape change? who or what — beyond myself — is important in my life? who is my “beloved community” — who loves me and is loved by me, no matter what? what does it mean for me and my community to be well?

To set up a spiritual care session or connect with AB …

If you are seeking spiritual care and having a spiritual advisor who is white is a barrier for you, please reach out and we will do our best to connect you to a spiritual advisor who is a person of color. 

Spiritual care does not replace therapy and other kinds of clinical care. For longer-term support and/or therapy, care-seekers will be encouraged to connect with CTJC’s clinical team.

Questions, or want to make an appointment?

Email AB: annabeth.roeschley@ctschicago.edu



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